At present we are manufacturing more than 300 product titles that provides for a complex of deliveries of a wide profile of electrical insulating materials for the industrial enterprises. At that, the major company products, among others, are electrical insulating materials for turbogenerators and hydrogenerators insulation systems.
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Ecology care
We care about the environment when choosing production technologies.
Complexity of delivery
A wide list of produced EIM.
Quality assurance
The plant constantly confirms its high quality, receiving awards at international exhibitions.

Products catalogue

  • Electrical insulating varnishes, resins, enamels, compounds, sealants
  • Varnish clothes, varnish glass clothes, prepregs
  • Laminated plastics and wound products
  • Composite materials based on mica, mica paper, polymer films, cardboard
  • Parts from electrical insulating materials
  • Unsaturated polyester resins

Plant history

The history of the plant "Electroizolit" is directly related to the national electrification plan (GOELRO).

Its implementation urged for the accelerated development of heavy industry, the creation of a number of new industries and types of production.

The critical one among them is the development of electrical and power engineering, involving the creation and production of new electrical insulating materials. The decision on the construction of a specialized plant of electrical insulating materials was adoRTed by the Council of Labor and Defense in 1936, and in 1938 the plant started its activities.

Product names
80 year
We produce high-quality materials for the power industry
Industries using plant products
Dealer centers in Russia and abroad

Last news

October 29, 2019
The «Elektroizolit» Plant is again at the exhibition «Power Industry of Ural».
PJSC «Elektroizolit» takes part in the XXV Anniversary International Exhibition «Power Industry of Ural 2019».
September 25, 2019
PJSC "Electroizolit" at the international exhibition "Import Substitution".
The international specialized exhibition "Import Substitution" was held at Crocus Expo from September 10 to 12
August 27, 2019
Georgy Krushevsky: “Russian low-voltage equipment market is narrowing”
Public Joint-Stock Company “Electroizolit” regularly participates in leading exhibitions of the energy industry in Russia and CIS countries. At one of the past exhibitions, the Chief Technology Officer of “Electroizolit” plant, Georgy Krushevsky, share his own opinion on the current situation in the low-voltage equipment market with the “Rynok elektrotekhniki” magazine.
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